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XP Deus Battery Replacement: Upgrading for Extended Hunting Time

Why XP Deus Battery Replacement?

Like many such devices, the headphones, the coils and remote controls in XP Deus Metal Detector are all lithium battery powered.

With a long lithium battery life of anywhere between 20 hours to 27 hours or so (depending upon what you read and how you use it), not everyone will want to be bothered to make changes. But – like me – some do! 

In fact, according to the product specs you can expect the following: 

  • Remote Control – up to 25hours
  • Headphones – up to 17hours
  • Coil – up to 20hours

These operating times depend on the programs and frequencies used. The instruction manual details it all a bit more.  Of course, all three of these units can be fairly conveniently and quickly charged in about 3 hours!

But who wants to be limited on search time? And who wants to stop and recharge?

Not I!

More Lithium Battery Power? 

Let’s Go!

This is for those who need to replace the lithium battery in the XP Deus Coil because they would like their XP Deus metal detector to work longer.

For my device, I opted to go for a lithium battery with a larger capacity. It’s unlikely to be recommended by the manufacturer, so do so at your own risk. Not sure if it voids the warranty, either – so keep that in mind. 

But if you’re interested, this is what I did.

Alternative, Larger Capacity Lithium Battery

Here are some photos of the battery replacement procedure:

These are new batteries with a larger capacity  – 1000 mAh.

batteries of bigger capacity suitable for XP deus coil
Batteries of bigger capacity suitable for XP Deus coil

Batteries similar to these can be purchased on Amazon – and they’re not at all expensive. 
Battery Replacement

Standard size vs Alternative battery

Dimensions of standard batteries:

XP Mi-4 Mi-6 Pro-Pointer: 72 х 19 х 44 mm
XP Deuss I coil, RC and headphones: 74 х 20 х 45 mm

Dimensions of standard batteries:
XP Mi-4 Mi-6 Pro-Pointer and XP Deus I coil, rc and headphones

Alternative batt. size in comparison to standard XPDeus batt.:

Alternative battery size in comparison to standard xp deus battery
Alternative size in comparison to standard XPDeus battery

New battery inserted inside the search coil:

Battery mounted inside the coil
The battery mounted inside the coil

The coil is restored:

Xp deus battery replacement

Also, one of my friends did a DIY lithium battery replacement changeover in their 9” search coil. They also used a larger size lithium battery (60 mm x 18 mm and 9 mm thickness) and capacity for longer life during prospecting and it perfectly fitted to the available housing slot, as you can see below:

DIY battery peplacement inside 9" coil
DIY lithium battery replacement inside 9″ coil

XP Deus Metal Detector New Battery Video


Where to buy XP Deuss battery replacement

Standard Metal Detector Lithium Battery

If you are from the US you can buy the standard size for replacement from Amazon US HERE.

XP Deus Battery Replacement

In some shops you can find standard repair kits, like this. Unfortunately, it’s currently unavailable on Amazon US and we haven’t been able to locate it anywhere else, yet.

Cyanolit Koltout XP Deus repair kit
This size replacement will fit the remote control, headphones, and coils of the XP Deus metal detector.
Battery fit to any part of XP Deus metal detector
Fits any part of the XP Deus metal detector

Larger Capacity Metal Detector Lithium Battery

You can buy the larger capacity for replacement from Amazon US HERE.

Warning Handling Lithium Batteries

You may already know this, but if not – lithium batteries have to be handled with care. They also need to be disposed of properly. Mishandling (such as crushing, bending, or puncturing the casing) can lead to fires or explosions. Consequently, this could lead to personal injury and/or environmental harm – the risk is due to the flammable nature of the components and the toxic materials they contain.

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