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The 5 Best Professional Metal Detectors

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What Makes the Grade in The Best Professional Metal Detectors Lineup?

So, what exactly constitutes ‘the best metal detectors’? What’s best for one person may not be best for the next. And what’s best for metal detecting in one location type may not be best for a different location or environment. And that is precisely the point – ‘the best’ is subjective! However, we can make it easier by considering a handful of logical and fairly easily determined selection criteria.

Here’s what to consider:


What are you going to use the equipment for? Coin shooting? Relic hunting? Gold prospecting for gold nuggets? Lost items hunting – like gold rings and other cool stuff? Underwater detecting when you scuba dive? Different detectors excel in specific areas.

Detection Technology:

Choose between VLF (Very Low Frequency) or PI (Pulse Induction) technology. VLF detectors are versatile and suitable for most applications, while PI detectors offer better depth and performance in highly mineralized soils or underwater environments.

Sensitivity and Depth:

Look for detectors with high sensitivity to detect small targets and adjustable depth settings so you can hone in on specific depths if you want to.

Discrimination and Target ID:

Models with discrimination features and target identification capabilities are particularly useful – and less frustrating! Metal detectors that can do this will help you to distinguish between different types of metals and also to have some ability to filter out unwanted items.

Ground Balance:

This is super important, as it helps to adjust the metal detector’s sensitivity to the naturally occurring mineralization in the soil. You can get manual or automatic adjustment – and it’s needed to be able to minimize false signals and the detector be able to pick up actual targets accurately.

Operating Frequency:

The operating frequency dictates whether you’re going to be able to detect larger, deeply buried targets, or smaller targets located closer to the surface – and all sorts of variations in between. So consider the operating frequency/range of a device, based on what you plan to be hunting for.

Durability and Ergonomics:

If you’re going to be carrying it around for long periods, you’ll need to make sure it is comfortable and not too heavy or awkward for you. So give this some thought as well.


Often the deal-maker or deal-breaker! Fortunately, as technology has progressed, it’s possible to get a pretty good detector or bundle for an affordable price. Even the professionals will aim to get the best bang for their buck.  Shop around to look for offers that give you the best features and performance for a decent price.

So, with that all on board, here are our selections for the top 5 best metal detectors for professionals. Aspiring professionals should also shop here!

Our Top 5 Best-Rated Metal Detectors

So what we’ve taken into account when choosing our ‘Top 5 Best’ is everything from set up and ease of use to battery life to durability to included features default/adjustable to suit the experienced professionals and not exclude newbies from getting the buzz. Positive feedback from users has a high weighting when nominating a product for the Top 5 (what else really matters?) and lack of, or minimal/pedantic negative feedback rates a glance as well.

Do you agree with us? Maybe you don’t! Either way, here they are:


Minelab CTX 3030 Metal Detector

  • 1.5khz – 100khz frequencies
  • Superior ability to identify target
  • Excellent target separation
  • Full-color LCD screen

The Minelab CTX 3030 is the Ultimate Treasure Finding Detector!

Whether you are looking for Coins, Relics, Jewelry, Gold, or Silver then this Minelab model is phenomenal! If budget does not matter or you are looking at this purchase as an investment then the Minelab CTX3030 should be your first choice in buying a metal detector!

The reason for this is Minelabs FBS Technology, the CTX3030 hunts on 1.5khz – 100khz frequencies simultaneously which results in a superior ability to identify targets and depth so no treasure will be left behind!

Also, the CTX3030 has the most advanced technology and is years ahead of most metal detectors on the market today with its GPS capabilities, saving finds, internet updates, and amazing features like the target trace!

The only con about the CTX3030 is the price but let me tell you it is worth it to the serious detectorist who wants to have the best finds or is looking to get the most out of their metal detector!

The Minelab CTX3030 can easily pay for itself in funds if you take the time to learn the machine and do your research! The Minelab CTX3030  gets superior depth, and greater identification of targets (which means you will have a treasure pouch full of coins, jewelry, artifacts, gold, relics, etc… instead of a treasure pouch full of nails, bottle caps, aluminum cans, and other junk), excellent target separation and it’s easy to use!

The CTX3030 is also a completely waterproof metal detector down to 10ft and is phenomenal as a beach metal detector in the wet salt sand and saltwater! Yes, it’s also phenomenal in fresh water and land! Also with the Special Deals Treasure Mountain Detectors has on the Minelab CTX3030 you can’t go wrong!

This is why the CTX3030 is one of the best overall metal detectors on the market!

Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector

  • Multi-frequency detector
  • Completely waterproof down to 10ft
  • Weighs 2 pounds – lightweight design
  • Wireless Bluetooth hea

The Minelab Equinox 800 just may be the hottest and most popular metal detector to ever hit the market!

The Minelab Equinox is Minelab’s newest technology and it is proving itself to be a force in the metal-detecting world! The Equinox 800 operates on a true multi-frequency platform… which means it is very similar to the BBS and FBS technology! You also can run the Equinox 800  in a multi-frequency mode and 5 other single-frequency modes!

You cannot beat this metal detector for under a thousand dollars if you want an all-around good device for just about any situation!

The Minelab Equinox 800 metal detector is completely waterproof down to 10ft, only weighs 2 pounds, comes with wireless headphones, has excellent depth, superior target separation, rechargeable batteries, and is very simple to use!

This metal detector even operates amazingly in salt water and wet salt sand! Now… I know what you’re thinking … if this detector is so great then why buy a Minelab CTX 3030? I said this metal detector is the best all-around hunting metal detector for under a thousand dollars. It does not offer you quite the features and target information that the CTX 3030 offers.

For a more detailed conversation on these 2 metal detectors and their comparisons please feel free to email me anytime. I own 3 metal detectors and this is one of them!


XP Deus Metal Detector

  • lightweight
  • wireless remote control display screen
  • ultimate Metal Detector for Relics Hunting

XP DEUS – If you can afford this detector – GET IT!!!!

This metal detector is great in iron-infested (high iron content!) areas, no metal detector will touch the recovery speed of the XP Deus.

If you think the F75s, T2s, and AT Pros are fast, you can set the XP Deus’s reactivity on 3 which is the mid setting and it is still faster than any of these!!!!

Some people say it does not get good depth which honestly if you’re just running factory preset programs the majority of them are designed for iron-infested areas so there for you will not get superior depth unless you’re in the relic program, but there are plenty of custom setups that will make the XP Deus a deep seeking machine which I would be more than happy to share with you.

It is lightweight, wireless, and easy to travel with, and with the options that XP is working on like the waterproof kit, downloadable upgrades, and new coils the XP Deus Metal Detector will be the ultimate all-around metal detector to meet all of your Treasure Hunting needs.

Once you buy the XP Deus Metal Detector you will not have to worry about trading it in for a new detector because all you have to do is download the newest version from your computer to the XP Deus remote and instantly you have a NEW Metal Detector. Also, the brains of the XPDeus are in their coils. So, if you have the stock coil and the 11 DD coil you have two separate metal detectors.

The XP Deus Metal Detector is 4 different Metal Detectors in 1. With the ability to switch from it to 4 different frequencies, you have the Ultimate Metal Detector for Relic Hunting, Coin & Jewelry Hunting, Gold Prospecting, and Beach Hunting!

The XPDeus Metal Detector is one of the best overall metal detectors that you can buy!

Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector

  • very simple to use
  • waterproof down to 10ft
  • wireless headphones

Garrett AT MAX – This meta detector is all terrain and has a mid-grade metal detector price tag.

This metal detector is very simple to use and can be a good “turn on and go” metal detector straight out of the box! This metal detector can also be used in salt water by notching down the ground balance which is a big plus for a VLF detector.

I don’t recommend this metal detector for wet salt sand or shallow salt water but if it is all you have or you only go to the beach once a year then it will be fine but does lack in performance when compared to others detectors on the wet salt sand and shallow salt water.

This detector is a combination of what everyone loved about the AT Pro metal detector and the AT Gold metal detector. You get a backlight, wireless headphones, all metal mode, AT Gold tones, and threshold setting! This metal detector is completely waterproof down to 10ft and is very effective in freshwater rivers and lakes!

The Garrett AT MAX has decent depth, discrimination, and target separation with the small coils and a variety of large aftermarket coils to get some serious depth out of this metal detector, and that makes this detector one of Treasure Mountain’s Top 5 Metal Detectors to have!

Teknetics T2 SE LTD

  • great detector for a beginner as well as a pro
  • super depth
  • designed to find large deep objects

Teknetics T2 SE LTD comes in at #5 and for one reason DEPTH!!!!

Out of the 20 years I have been detecting, I have never used a VLF detector that gets this kind of depth. Treasure Mountains infamous challenging test field which is known to make the top-end detectors fail miserably (except for a few) the Teknetics T2 Se LTD passed with ease!!!!

I have a silver quarter BURIED at 12 inches and the T2 picked it up like it was 3-4 inches deep, so I raised the coil about another 3-4 inches off the ground (so now we’re talking about 15-16 inches BURIED and the T2 still picked it up!!!!!

Where the T2 shines is in Relics Hunting and the reason for this is because Teknetics designed the software specifically for Relics by allowing the T2 to accept more iron targets that would normally be trash on other detectors’ readings and tones but come in as good targets to dig on the T2. Of course, every detectorist needs to also keep their trusty pinpointer with them, just in case. Check out some of the best options here: Best Pinpointers

The T2 team wins the Grand National Relic Shootout every year and you can not go wrong with this detector whether you are hunting Relics, Coins, or Jewelry!

Last Words

We recommend looking for well-priced bundles. These are often found on Amazon (one of the reasons we like them as a supplier) and even if you have many of the items included in the bundle, having a spare stashed away is always a good idea. Or – and as we like to do – we can list and sell the excess items and recoup some of the outlay, meaning it was an even better deal at purchase! And for those starting metal detecting – the bundles on offer get you up and running fast. Some even include a pointer and kit bag and pretty much anything else you might need and end up purchasing separately.

Most times serious metal detectorists find themselves owning multiple models – so if you’re here looking at the ‘best for professionals’ thinking if you spend the most and get the best it’ll be the only one you need – perhaps think again! People find that they’ll use different detectors for different applications and locations, even if they’re mostly looking for the same targets. It’s an addictive thing and the nature of the game of relic and treasure hunting!

And what a great, healthy, and fun pursuit it is!

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