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XP Deus 2 initial impressions

Took a real ground test today. So here is my first thoughts about new metal detector from XP. Depth impressions: Those who hope that the Deus II has become much deeper hasten to disappoint. The device, at least in my soils, did not surprise me. Yes, it became clearly deeper

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metal detecting beach finds

Beach Metal Detecting

With the water hunting season in full swing, a number of visitors have written asking questions about what type of metal detector is best for specific beach or shallow water hunting applications. I felt that it would be beneficial to select one of these and provide an answer everyone can

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XP Deus HF coil review

XP Deus Elliptical HF Coil Review

The 9.5×5 HF coil for the XP Deus is the coil that I have personally been waiting for! The 9″ HF Coil for the XP Deus has been very impressive in bringing those hunted out sites back to life, so we should be in for a real surprise with this

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How neodymium magnet can damage your XP Deus search coil.

XP Deus Owners: Beware!

Suddenly, my battery lost its capacity – it was enough for only 6 hours at TX=1. Came a guess: couldn’t a strong neodymium magnet for treasure searching, which I was carrying in the trunk of my car in a bunch of different search equipment to be near the coil and

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Best Pinpointers For Metal Detecting

Top 5 Best PinPointers for Metal Detecting

Top 5 Best PinPointers for Metal Detecting Choosing the right PinPointer metal detector for your treasure hunting expeditions can be difficult. However, we have teamed together to bring you an informative list and review of all the Top PinPointers on the market. Any serious detectorist knows you really should have

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XP DEUS metal detector review

XP Deus metal detector review

Update: Xp Deus 2 initial review here A technological jump to wireless metal detecting ! The XP DEUS uses three high performance wireless elements: Wireless search coil Wireless remote control with LCD display Wireless audio headphones These three elements communicate with each other via a digital radio link.By incorporating components

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Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector

The 5 Best Professional Metal Detectors

This research by DetectorForMetal is supported by our readers. We may earn a commission when you purchase through our links. Learn More   What Makes the Grade in The Best Professional Metal Detectors Lineup? So, what exactly constitues ‘the best metal detectors’? What’s best for one person may not be

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Garrett ACE 150 and other best cheap detectors in our review

Some Best Metal Detectors for Beginners

You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money on a metal detector to get into the pastime. There are a great number of coins and things of both interest and value just waiting to be found. The things you find metal detecting can quickly pay off your entire

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best metal detectors for the beach

Three Best Metal Detectors for the Beach

The beach is a popular spot to use a metal detector. You need to have a detector that doesn’t mind water though, and one that doesn’t mind salt water if you are at an ocean beach. Most beaches are open to metal detecting, since hobbyists do actually remove a fair

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