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gold prospecting in Michigan

Prospecting for Gold in Michigan

Treasure hunting in Michigan just got a little bit easier, under new land use rules approved by Department of Natural Resources Director Rebecca Humphries in April that allow recreational gold prospecting on state land. But just because gold panning and sluicing now are permitted on state land, doesn’t mean this

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Best places for coin shooting

Coin shooting

Coin Hunting or ‘Coin Shooting’ as it’s regularly called, is not just extremely fun to do, but it can simply be profitable. Finding only 1 silver coin or any unique piece can simply pay for the price of the metal detector. When it comes to Coin Hunting or ‘Coin Shooting’,

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Prospecting for gold with metal detector

Prospecting for gold with metal detector

While gold has always been the most coveted metal among prospectors for centuries, it had been quite challenging to find for the average individual until the last few decades when advancements in electronic technology made the manufacturing of metal detectors for gold and other types of valuable metals and items

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coin values list

Grading Coins

Usually a grade is applied to indicate the condition of a coin. The condition that the coin is in is of extreme importance, as condition follows rarity and demand in determining a coin’s value. As a rule, the higher the grade of a coin, the more valuable the coin will

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fantasy fake coin

How to detect counterfeit coins

Uninformed purchasers run the very real risk of buying fake coins even though counterfeits make up a relatively small percentage of the overall coin market. In order to ensure that you don’t buy fake coins, do as much research as you possibly can before making a purchase. Protect yourself You

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roman coin caesar

A Brief History Of Coins

We’ll never be able to say with absolute certainty when the hobby of coin collecting began, but historians agree that it began not long after the process of minting coins began, which was about 650 B.C. Precious metals like gold and silver used to be carefully weighed and used to

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Pricing for coins beginner guide

Pricing for coins

Supply and demand is a huge factor in the price of collectible coins. If the demand for coins is low and there are many coins available, the price for them will be low. When the total number of coins available becomes insufficient to meet the demand, the prices increase. The

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How to handle collectible coins

How To Handle Coins (Coin Care)

To avoid causing wear, collectible coins must be handled with great care. The grade of a collectible coin is dependent on the coin’s condition. The grade of a coin dictates its value and price. The higher a coin’s grade, the more it is worth. For this reason it is critical

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Treasure Hunting for Meteorites

Metal detecting for meteorites

Meteorites Treasures are falling from the sky.  A natural object originating in outer space that survives the impact with the earth’s surface is called a meteorite.  Most meteoroids burn up when entering the Earth’s atmosphere.  However, it has been estimated that over 500 meteorites do reach the surface each year

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