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Deteknix Wire Free Headphones

Have you ever had wires tangled from the metal detector to your headphones, or headphones flew off when the wires were clinging to something? And when you dig up your find, does the headphone cable still make you uncomfortable?
Now it’s even easier to use your metal detector with the new wireless headphones from Deteknix (suitable for devices such as XP Deus, Spectra V3i, or CTX 3030).

The headphones are very lightweight, compactly foldable for transport, and easy to adjust to any user, they come with their carrying bag and include 2 USB charging cables (without charger.) and a transmitter module.

Deteknix Wire Free Headphones come with their own carrying bag
come with their carrying bag

The transmitter has several options for attaching it to the metal detector. It can be mounted on a rod or adhesive, magnetic tape.

The transmitter has several options for attaching
The transmitter has several options for attaching

The headphones were tested with Tesoro, Fisher Gold Bug, Fisher F75, Teknetics T2, AKA Signum, AKA Sorex Pro, XP Deus, and XP Goldmaxx. On all instruments, the sound was without delay and only on XP Deus and XP Goldmaxx, the sound was muffled with a slight delay.

The transmitter is very easy to charge. It is suitable for all metal detectors with a 3.5 or 6.35 mm audio jack. A digital sound processor allows you to transmit the best signal quality to headphones. Powered by a LiPo battery, which is enough for 6 hours of continuous operation.

The technologies are not standing still! Now you’ll be able to make your favorite pastime even easier and more convenient by getting rid of extra wires and using Deteknix universal wireless headphones to achieve your goals.
— Paul, author of
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