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Metal Detector For Kids

Would you like to go treasure hunting with your kids or even with your family on a nice weekend?! Well, it is possible to create your metal-detecting device without the need to spend hundreds of dollars.

It is always a great idea to save money while having a nice device to have fun with your kids and family. You can go treasure hunting in several different places such as the beach, the gardens, and even your backyard. The possibilities are endless, especially if you do not want to spend money and want the possibility to make some cash altogether.  Are you ready to start a project? It is easy, cheap, and very fast.

Metal Detector For Kids
Metal Detector For Kids

Are you ready to go for a hunt? Here are the materials that you will need to create your metal detector.

Make Your Metal Detector with Kids

All you need for this project is an AM radio, some duct tape, and a small calculator.

  1. Let’s Start. Start by turning the radio on an AM station. Tune in to the upper reaches of the AM band, but not directly on a broadcast station. Adjust the volume to the maximum level so you can hear the static. It is easy to see whether it is working or not.
  2. Positioning. Now with both the calculator and the radio on, put the calculators near the radio until you hear a high pitch. At the right angle, the static radio must become a low hum, you’ll notice the difference, but may have to test various angles and distances between the calculator and the radio before.
  3. Putting them together. Once this position is found, paste the calculator to the radio, keeping placement. When done, make sure you can constantly hear the noises the equipment can make.
  4. Now let’s test it!!! Turn on the radio and try to detect any type of metal. You will notice that the calculator beeps whenever you get close to the metal. It beeps even faster the closer you get to the metal detecting. If you pass this improvised device on the ground, any metal buried relatively close to the surface will increase the sound of tinnitus.

 Why It Works

The reason this works is because the loud sounds coming from the radio are electronic Calculators producing a radio frequency signal. That said, Calculator radio waves reflect the spoon and are heard on AM radio. See how easy and cheap it can be!

Simple DIY Metal Detector

Simple DIY Metal Detector

  • Easy to install
  • Detecting Distance: less than 60mm
  • Good DIY project

finds with DIY metal detector for kids
What we could find with DIY metal detector

And there it is a homemade metal detecting device cheap and easy. You will be able to go treasure hunting and you will save money in the meantime. This is a great option for those who want to find great treasures in your garden and your area. It is always a great idea to have fun and also to save cash in the meantime.

This equipment is not dangerous for anyone, whether we are talking about kids or adults.

Are you ready to have fun while you save cash and go treasure hunting?

Top Rated Junior Metal Detector

Junior Metal Detector

  • Very light
  • Sensitivity is great

When looking for great metal detectors for kids, the task at hand may falsely appear simple when in actual sense it is a bit nerve-wracking and confusing. There are many devices out there and as you may have noticed, you do need guidance too.

Among the many, there are a few that are a safe bet. They have very good features and are worth your money. It is important for you, as a buyer, to find a device rather than a toy for $100 after all!

Metal Detectors for Kids Reviews


Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IV

Bounty Hunter TK4 Tracker IVThis rugged machine is built with a solid finish for harsh soil conditions such as high mineral content. It also has a preset ground balance that neutralizes in response to the minerals in the ground thereby allowing it to eliminate unwanted metals. It has disc or notch control for discrimination of metals by their signal strength and sensitivity can be adjusted to reduce electromagnetic interference.

It has an 8-inch concentric coil that is submersible and hence can be used in shallow waters and damp grass. It can search up to 8” deep for coins and similar-sized objects and 3 for larger objects. It has three operation modes: motion all-metal mode, discrimination mode, and Tracker IV which uses two different tones to distinguish between different metals.  The motion of all metal mode functions to sweep over an area and give feedback on the concentration of metals in an area. Once the search coil stabilizes, the metals are discriminated against to only give favorable signals a beep. The discrimination mode eliminates unwanted metals. It has a headphone jack for private hunting and for use in noisy areas such as parks. It requires two 9V alkaline batteries to start up and this, along with the headphones, is not included in the purchase.

It also has target identification on a meter which displays the signal strength on a dynamic chart. It also has a low-battery indicator for the convenience of the user. You would want to realize there’s no juice after you’d gone out to hunt now would you?

It is very light at 3.7lbs allowing ease of use and prolonged service without tiring its user. Its ergonomics also have the user’s comfort in mind and allow for easy handling. Its shaft length can be adjusted and it has a padded armrest. It also has a detector stand.

At $90, having a five-year warranty is an amazing bargain especially since it is on goods and services.

Learn more about Bounty Hunter TKE here.


Bounty Hunter Gold Digger

Bounty Hunter Gold Digger This stylish device is suitable for sweeps on the beach, at the park, or in your backyard. It can be used to detect coin-sized objects as deep as 6” and larger ones to 2’. It has an 8” closed concentric search coil that can be submerged in shallow waters such as on beaches. It has automatic tuning and ground balance to adjust the device to any soil mineral content. It also has a treasure meter and its sensitivity levels can be adjusted by use of knobs on the control box. There is a trash eliminator for discrimination against unwanted metals by signal strength. A motion all-metal mode functionality is at play when sweeping so that the user can tell the concentration of metals in a particular area before zeroing in on a particular zone.

It comes with headphones and a 1/8 headphone jack. It uses two 9V alkaline batteries which are not included in the purchase.

The product is well-packaged and therefore easy to set up and use. Its packaging is certified and frustration-free.

It only costs $55. The drawback with this device is the lack of display which would prove rather useful in hunting as it would identify targets easily and their strengths. It is still ideal for children though as they will not have enough time to look into such detail.

Learn more about Bounty Hunter Gold Digger here.


American Hawks Explorer II LCD

American Hawks explorer II LCD This is a mid-range level device that is suitable for beginners and children. It comes with a one-year warranty. The package included a carry bag and headphones which are pretty neat for the price. It costs $119 on The explorer operates in three modes: All metal which gives varying tones for ferrous and non-ferrous compounds, motion discrimination for the emission of differing tones even as the coil is moved about and auto-notch filter to assist in hunting for metals and telling you exactly what they are. It has an LED screen for avoiding unnecessary digging and hunting. It shows the depth of the object and goes further to identify it.

It is controlled by a micro-processor which displays the type of object found on an LED display. It has a waterproof coil for submersion in water. It also has an arm support which makes it without a doubt very comfortable and one can work for a couple of hours using it with no qualms. It also has an automatic ground balance which is handy for high mineral content areas. It comes also with a free battery to kick-start your use of the machine. Its stem is made up of an aluminum form that is adjustable and light for any child to be able to carry.


Bounty Hunter Junior BJHS

Bounty Hunter Junior BJHS The Bounty Hunter Junior is super light and features an adjustable shaft so it can grow with your child or it can be shared among kids. It has a one-tone audio indicator which gets louder as one nears the target. This can be described as a beep that gets louder and more intense almost leveling that of your child as they discover metals under the surface.

It can discriminate to leave out iron and other unwanted objects but can also be altered accordingly to detect every single metal it finds. The device also has a preset ground balance that makes it possible to be used in various soil types and mineral content. It also has an all-metal mode which detects all metals based on their being metals only. This is regardless of their type and therefore their signal strength. The feature works only when the search coil is in motion. It can detect coin-sized objects as deep as 5” and 2’ for larger objects.

The 6.5-inch coil can brace the weather and rise above the abuse and neglect that comes along with being owned and played with by a child.

The control panel has an intensity meter a visual target system and a low battery indicator. It requires two 9V alkaline batteries which must be purchased separately.


Ground EFX MC1 Youth

Ground EFX MC1 Youth It can be used in the water or on land and has enhanced durability to match the harshness of being toyed around by kids. It is very affordable at $50 – $60. It uses a simple eliminator for the detection of metals and a visual target indicator which makes it easy to identify a target. It has a battery test that shows how long you have left before the device drops dead. It can detect coins up to a depth of 5” and up to 24’ for larger pieces of metal. The coil can be submersed up to 24” deep implying use in shallow waters like at the beach. The audio variability depends on signal strength hence getting louder beeps in higher frequencies. The shaft can be adjusted up to 26” to increase scope. It uses two 9V alkaline batteries which are not part of the package. This device weighs 3.2lbs only so every child can comfortably carry it around all day long without tiring. It is made up of a 6.5” concentric coil.


Bounty Hunter Educational Junior MD and Coin Collection Kit

Bounty Hunter Educational Junior MD and Coin Collection Kit At $73, the 3-lb device comes packaged with a user-friendly manual and a coin guide along with a 12-coin wallet and a coin folder. The shaft can be extended to 2.25 feet in length to accommodate children of all heights. It is also pretty light to accommodate use for prolonged hours and also for the child to be able to work around it. It also has discrimination control to eliminate unwanted items like cans and bottles.

It has 2 search modes and works at a transmitted frequency of 6.6 kHz. The control box has knobs for analog control of sensitivity and discrimination. It has an LCD screen display to alert the hunter of increased signal strength as well as audio speakers for the same. It also has a 2-in-1 magnifier for close inspection of treasure and a trowel for digging which has a pouch. The device just like many other BH models, comes without the two 9v batteries it needs so purchasing them in advance is advisable.

This device can be used for collecting coins and basic coin shooting. This is the best device to teach a child the different coins and their worth. It can serve not only as a pastime but also as a teaching aid or tool.


 Metal Detector Buying Guide for Kids

Best Metal Detectors for Kids 1. Brand

While many people advise against buying brands because brands are seldom cheap, well, cheap is expensive. Good brands offer good returns in case of warranties of service or faulty devices and such mishaps should you happen to meet them. Another thing about brands is that because many users have purchased and used them, finding advice online on maintenance and related issues will not be a problem. They are also readily available and offer better shipping services.

2. Specifications

When it gets down to business, you need a coil that can detect. This is usually provided by those ranging anywhere above 4” in diameter. Aside from this, the handles should be comfortable for gripping and small enough to fit your child’s wrists or arms. The shaft should be able to allow for adjustments. This is especially important since aside from how fast kids tend to grow, they pretty much share toys while playing together. The body or build of the device should be tough and durable to keep up with the energy that children have. It should be light enough though otherwise, the children will not be able to lift them let alone sweep them around.

The durability should be balanced with aesthetics and padding for comfort and for them to be appealing enough to be used. As for the control box, it would be nice if there was an LCD on it showing the discrimination and sensitivity levels, battery level target identification, and/or signal strength. These would ideally be useful for easy hunting, precision, and convenience. The location of batteries would also be important. Are they safely inserted in a position that they will not cause harm to your child?

3. Features

Metal Detectors for Kids To have a good quality product, you need to thoroughly weigh your options. There are non-compromise ones and others which you can cut some slack. One example is discrimination and sensitivity. Most of these devices at sold at $100 and below or there about. Finding these features defines the Very Low Frequency (VLF) technology which is what you would expect for that price. Anything less should not be worth your time. Ground balance is another. Be it preset or manual, it should feature somewhere.

Another thing with MDs is that most search coils are advertised as waterproof when they are not fully so. Take time and get to know the depth at which they can reach before you buy one. While others are semi-waterproof and are used on beaches and shallow waters, others can be used by divers and surfers.

4. Additional

At this point, you have the framework to work on then you’ll realize that the different companies try to appeal to you on many sell points. Others will make their search coils waterproof. Others will include headphones. All these are good things. The rule of thumb would be to be realistic and think along needs instead of bargaining. If you live around a beach, for instance, a waterproof coil is an absolute indication whereas integrated GPS systems might be of no use to you.

Metal Detectors for Kids Comparison Chart

Metal Detector Weight Dimensions Warranty Rating
Bounty Hunter TK4 3.7 pounds 28.2 x 10 x 6.2 in 5 Year 9
Bounty Hunter Gold Digger 3 pounds 6 x 9 x 20.5 in 5 Year 8
American Hawks Explorer II 7 pounds 34 x 6 x 10 in 10 Year 7
Bounty Hunter BHJS 1.3 pounds 22 x 6 x 5 in 1 Year 8
Ground EFX MC1 2 pounds 26 x 8.5 x 5.1 in Manufacturers 8
Bounty Hunter Educational Junior 1.34 pounds 22.1 x 6.1 x 4.7 in Manufacturers 7
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