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Prospecting for gold with metal detector

While gold has always been the most coveted metal among prospectors for centuries, it had been quite challenging to find for the average individual until the last few decades when advancements in electronic technology made the manufacturing of metal detectors for gold and other types of valuable metals and items possible.


There are many types of metal detectors available today with a wide range of styles, designs, and capabilities including those that are optimized specifically for detecting gold nuggets. If you are interested in searching for gold, you will find the following information on selecting and using metal detectors for gold beneficial to your endeavor.

The Two Main Types of Gold Detectors

While it is possible to detect gold including larger nuggets or jewelry with most types of all purpose metal detectors, there are two primary types of detectors utilized by those individuals who are specifically looking to increase their chances of finding gold nuggets.

One type utilizes VLF or very low frequency also known as induction balance and the other utilizes PI or pulse induction technology. The primary difference between a VLF and PI detector is that a VLF detector is better able to discriminate the junk metals such as iron from the gold and are more apt to detect extremely small nuggets; however, the PI detectors are less sensitive to the mineralized soil which is common in higher levels near gold mining areas and have been known to detect nuggets at deeper levels than a VLF.

While both types of gold detectors have their advantages and disadvantages, the pulse induction detectors are the most commonly recommended metal detectors for gold nuggets by many individuals who are experienced in this hobby due to their ability to detect gold at deeper levels in prospecting areas which typically contain heavy mineralization.

If you are new to the hobby of metal detecting for gold, it is best to research the areas you are interested in searching in order to determine the most suitable metal detector for those areas. It is also essential that you invest in a detector of the highest quality affordable as you will most likely be unhappy with the lesser expensive models due to the fact that they are less discriminatory and will detect more of the undesirable metals such as iron.

Using Metal Detectors for Gold

It is essential that you take the time to practice with and learn about your machine including the methods of ground balancing and how to control the coil. In order to increase your chances of finding gold, you should research the history of potential areas by studying information through various resources including the internet, your local library, or town offices.

Your chances are also greatly increased when you search in areas where gold has previously been found long ago prior to the invention of metal detectors for gold especially in the western part of the United States where it is estimated by geologists that ninety five percent of the gold has not yet been found.

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