Top 5 Best PinPointers for Metal Detecting

Choosing the right PinPointer metal detector for your treasure hunting expeditions can be difficult. However, we have teamed together to bring you an informative list and review of all the Top PinPointers on the market.

Any serious detectorist knows you really should have a PinPointer in your treasure hunting arsenal. The buyers guidance and reviews provided below will help you choose the best pinpointer metal detector for your needs.

So, lets get started!

XP Deus MI-6 PinPointer

This particular model comes fully stacked with some features never seen before in a pinpointer! The XP DEUS MI-6 Pinpointer is still so new that availability is LIMITED! However, with such quality and features I believe it won’t take long for this little beauty to storm the detector world!! LET’S DIVE IN!


  • You DO NOT have to have a Deus metal detector to use this unit!
  • Includes a quality made holster with a belt clip that has a locking rotate feature for easier access when crouched or digging!
  • They even threw in a lanyard! HECK YEAH!
  • The rubberized grip has an amazing feel and grip. Very ergonomically designed.
  • Rechargeable Battery! Lithium Polymer battery that comes with a 90 hour battery life!
  • This is a waterproof pinpointer. Yes! Fully WATERPROOF! Up to 6 meters!!
  • The bright red makes the MI-6 stand out in the field – and in the eyes of its competition!

XP MI6 Pin pointer Video Review

One of the greatest features of XP’s MI-6 which makes it even more revolutionary and unique is the ability to connect via-radio link to Deus Remote Control and Headphones!

This creates another list of sub-features, which include:

  • Anti-Interference System– When you turn on your MI-6 the Deus with go into a standby mode. As soon as you turn it off, the Deus Menu with fire right back up and away you go
  • The Deus Display will change to the MI-6 Display when the device is turned on
  • If you lose your device, you can activate Research Mode from the Deus V4 Menu. This feature will help you locate your lost pinpointer. Even if the pinpointer is off!
  • According to XP’s website, the MI-6 can be recoverable for several weeks after you lose it. This is just pure awesomeness!

The Deus Menu is equipped with a ton of MI-6 adjustments, such as:

  • On Screen Battery Indicatior Meter
  • Target Zoom Graph for more precise pinpointing capabilities
  • Audio tone adjustments
  • Sound modes pitch/zoom (I love the pitch mode! 50 levels of Sensitivity!)
  • Research Mode

Garrett Pro Pointer AT

This Pinpointer is absolutely awesome!! The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT will make your life so much easier when you’re out hunting for silver and gold!

This unit ranks #1 on our list due to its shear awesomeness! It’s a waterproof pinpointer! Hence the name “AT” (all-terrain). This sucker works up to 10 feet below water! How cool is that?

The “Garrett-Carrot” as some enthusiasts call it due to the bright orange color of the housing has 3 sensitivity settings. Low, Medium and High. Sometimes you don’t need all that awesome power when locating smaller targets!

The retune feature further focuses the signal for those tiny targets! The Garret Pro Pointer AT just simply can’t be beat.

You will definitely be a happy hunter with this purchase. You sure get a lot of bang for your buck!

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Video Review

Makro PinPointer


  • Here is another great Pinpointer! The Makro is a 100% waterproof pinpointer! Fully Submersible!
  • You can change the audio modes to vibrate only, audio only or vibrate/audio! This feature is great when you don’t want to potentially attract a lot of attention to yourself when metal detecting in a public area.
  • The Makro includes two replaceable hard shelled covers to protect your unit. One of the covers is just a basic cover, while the other has a scraping tool designed into it
  • Includes a finds bag, belt holster, you even get a carrying cases complete with a shoulder strap. Not too shabby!
  • On top of all that they even provide a 2 year warranty
  • The Makro Pointer is fairly new to the scene but it is not stopping them from ranking into our top 5 list! I suspect more quality products in the future!

Minelab Pro-Find 35 PinPointer

  • We picked the Minelab Pro-Find 35 because this pinpointer’s predecessor – the Minelab Pro-Find 25 – revolutionized pinpointers
  • While the Pro-Find 25 was not waterproof, it was the very first to have adjustable sensitivity. The Minelab Pro-Find 35 is fully waterproof.
  • Also came up with the audio adjusting control. Where you can have, audio/vibrate, just vibrate, or just audio signal
  • These features quickly became available on other makers after the release of Minelab Pro-Find 25
  • This pointer comes at higher price than the rest, however Minelab is noted for making top notch equipment. They are a highly respected brand in the metal detecting community
  • 5 sensitivity levels
  • 30 hours battery life (nominal)
  • 2 yr warranty included!

Fisher Labs F-Pulse PinPointer

  • This is a pretty badass pinpointer! By almost all accounts, it’s a beauty!
  • This baby sniffs out deep targets – it has the deepest detection available. You won’t find another pinpointer that reaches the depths like this one. It uses pulse induction technology.
  • Battery powered with 2 x AA batteries – so very economical.
  • Pretty good for beginners and easy to use (single button operation).
  • One real benefit is it has a lost alarm – if you put it down & lose track of it this is a handy lost mode alarm feature!
  • Waterproof to 6ft and rugged design so it’s abrasion resistant.
  • Best of all, it’s really good in highly mineralized soil.
  • The LED light brightness adjustability has been questioned by some customers.
  • We cannot deny its superior depth abilities! It could be very useful to have in your metal detecting arsenal when sniffing out those deep, old, or small targets!

What is a Metal Detecting Pinpointer?

A pin pointer is also known as a probe. It is a handheld metal detector tool whose usefulness comes into play once the metal detector has been used to identify that a metal target (object) is in range.

It is used to more closely locate targets and pinpoint the exact location when ready to start digging. In this way, the device is useful for saving recovery time when hunting. The pin-pointers are ideally inserted into holes in order to save digging time without having to dig an entire crater.

There are two kinds of pin-pointers, the type that are built-in and the type that are separate and handheld. The separate, handheld type are the object of this article. Close proximity to a metal object makes it go off and the noise is proportional to the proximity. They are also pretty noisy and one thing you may prefer to consider is the kind that vibrate when a target is located.

They are easy to use since no assembly is required. They are separate and so can be used with a wide range of metal detectors. The pin-pointers generally add negligible weight to the detector kit, because they are very light.

On the other hand, they are easy to lose since they are pretty small and can easily get forgotten after hunting.

They could easily get damaged from constant falls.

However, the really good ones do not get damaged even after experiencing up to 10 meter falls.

Other Top Models – Pinpointer Metal Detector Reviews

Pinpointer Metal Detectors Comparison
Top RatedGARRETT Pro-Pointer Metal Detector in use

GARRETT Pro-Pointer II Metal Detector

  • Dimensions: 9.6 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
  • 360° side scan detection area
  • 1 x 9-volt battery included
Top RatedWizard Vib Probe 2 Pinpointing Tool

Wizard Vib Probe 2 Pinpointing MD

  • 1 9V batteries required
  • Audio Alert Built-in
  • Any full-size metal detector
Top RatedDeteknix Pin-pointer MD X-pointer

Deteknix Pin-pointer MD X-pointer

  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 1.8 x 1.8 inches
  • Adjustable sensitivity by press button
  • Led flashing light for lo-visibility condition
Top RatedVulkan pinpointer from Kellyco

Vulcan 360 MD handheld PINPOINTER

  • Dimensions: 12 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Submersible 360 pinpoint Tip
  • Length 10.5 Inches

Garrett Pro-pointer MD woven beltholster and 9V battery

Best Pinpointer Metal Detectors ReviewsThis model supersedes the earlier version which was hugely popular and highly rated by those who have purchased it. The Garrett Pro-pointer II is not just a sleek design – it has the performance to go with it. It comes with a 2 year warranty. It is designed to make detecting easier for you by finding those difficult to find targets thanks to its static detection that cuts down on the recover time. The Garrett pointer offers 360⁰ side scan detection area and automatic tuning to make work easier for you. This brilliant pinpointer has microprocessor circuitry that will guarantee you of full sensitivity and you’ll barely need to tune it. It has a one-touch ease of use that enhances precision and reduces time spent hunting. It also has a scraping blade for searching soil. It has both audible and vibrating alarms which increase in magnitude and intensity as you approach the target.

There are LED lights for improving visibility in low light scenarios. This pinpointer is able to help you search with walls and tight spaces and it is also waterproof. It comes packaged with some extras which include: a woven belt holster, a 9 Volt battery, a buyer’s guide from Garrett and an owner’s manual. The user manual provides you with valuable tips on unique and reliable pinpointing skills and what is more is that you can try out the side scanning capabilities. It has a 60min battery life and a clever audible lost alarm. This device is proven quality hailing from the renowned manufacturers of the ACE 250 as well as the GTI 2500 metal detectors which many people have fallen in love with.

Wizard Vib Probe 2 Pinpointing MD

Best Pinpointer Metal Detectors ReviewsThis pin pointer is useful for archaeology and forensics that require precision in their line of work. They are created to detect at close range and using only the tip. It can detect a household staple at about ¼ to 3/8 inches. The objective of this pinpointer is to enable to one to be sure that they are touching or near to touching the target metals. You will be able to avoid erratic detection with the use of Vin-probe as the surrounding debris will hardly affect this pinpointer. It has three modes of notification: vibration, audio tones and LED illumination.

This pinpointer features very audible beepers which could easily be heard with the aid of headphones in case you are in a noisy environment. It also offers pistol grip design that gives ergonomic grip. It weighs about 2lbs so it is convenient to carry around.

This is the only pinpointer that detects metal targets near the tip area and it is quite precise at this. It has an economical price range and you should consider it to economise while still ensuring precision in metal hunting.

Deteknix Pin-pointer MD X-pointer with ratio A/V indication

Best Pinpointer Metal Detectors ReviewsIt comes with a water-resist function. It also comes with a ratio audio or vibration indication depending on the target distance. This feature is user defined and can be customized. It helps you know when the battery is about to run out by beeping. The battery it uses is a 9V alkaline one. It has adjustable sensitivity which is done by the press of a button. It uses LED lights for low visibility conditions. It also has a ribbed side for anti-slip. It weighs 14 ounces.

Vulcan 360 MD handheld PINPOINTER probe with holster

Best Pinpointer Metal Detectors ReviewsThis one has 360⁰ functionality. It is super sensitive with advanced electronics and 5 levels of its control. The lower detecting shaft is programmed for extreme sensitivity to pinpoint coins, jewels and such metals.

It is fully automatic and therefore extremely easy to use.  It has automatic ground balance which it will do as soon as it is placed at an optimal depth. It can be used in land and shallow water. It comes with a 2 yr warranty.

PinPointer Metal Detector Buying Guide

Best Pinpointer Metal DetectorThe Metal detector pinpointing devices are available in various shapes and sizes. The more costly types have been designed using rugged materials and design techniques, but they generally come with a lot more features.

The best pinpointing device for an individual will be determined by the environment in which they want to use the device. As such, a fully waterproof or a minimally water resistant device will be appropriate if the target search area is near or under water.

The next item to be factored in while choosing a metal detector is the type of response that the operator would prefer. There are various responses, namely: audio modes, vibration modes and in some there is additionally a target identification light indicator. A really good unit would have a buzzer alarm for telling the location of the metal.

They will also have an LED light for indicating the amount of power. Usually these devices will use red for low power and green for normal power. Others have vibration as an alternative to the tones. There is an LED flashlight output to assist in illuminating the dug holes. A good model would have a quality, rechargeable lithium battery.

If your search will likely involve having to check for precious metallic items which might be meters deep, the DetectorPro PistolProbe will be quite appropriate. This is because this device is good and it has a better precision when it comes to depths thanks to its pulse induction circuit.

If you are in the hunt for a metal detector Pinpointer to be used for underwater treasure hunting, you need to find out and settle on the waterproof ones.

Models among the Treasure hunters product have been certified and are good for water metal hunting and you can dive and snorkel with them. The overall best metal detector pinpointer is the Garrett Pro-Pointer and this enjoys quite some popularity due to its weatherproof nature. It also has belt holster, a scraping blade as well as all the response alarm options. You’ll find all these features will be worth every penny you will spend buying it.

So far the best and top-selling metal detector Pinpointers are the Makro Pinpointer and the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT.

Pinpointer Metal Detector Comparison Chart

Metal DetectorWeightDimensionsWarrantyRating
GARRETT Pro-Pointer1.12 pounds9.6 x 2.4 x 2.3 in2-year9
Wizard Vib Probe IIN/AN/A1 year6
Deteknix 1V_1401.1017.2 ounces9.1 x 1.8 x 1.8 inManufacturers9
Vulcan 360N/A12 x 2 x 2 in2 Year5


In conclusion, having a metal detector pinpointer will be incredibly handy when you are out metal hunting. Save time and make the whole exercise easier and more fun with one of these devices.

While you’re at it, make sure you select a good recovery tool and a holster to compliment your metal detector pinpointer. The choice of the metal detector should be determined by your metal hunting style as well as how much you are willing to spend.

You really can’t tell when it might be your lucky day for finding relics and other treasure! You might just end up paying back the amount you spent to acquire your pinpointer while treasure hunting!

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