Top 5 Best PinPointers for metal detecting

Choosing the right PinPointer for your treasure hunting expeditions can be difficult. However, we have teamed together to bring an informative list and review of all the Top PinPointers on the market. Any serious detectorist knows you really should have a Pinpointer in your treasure hunting arsenal.

So lets get started!


XP Mi-6 pinpointer for metal detecting
XP Mi-6 pinpointer for metal detecting

This probe comes fully stocked with some features never seen before in a pinpointer! The XP DEUS MI-6 Pinpointer is still so new that availability is LIMITED! However, with such quality and features I believe it won’t take long for the MI-6 to storm the detector world!! LET’S DIVE IN!


  • You DO NOT have to have a Deus metal detector to use this unit!
  • Includes a quality made holster with a belt clip that has a locking rotate feature for easier access when crouched or digging!
  • They even threw in a lanyard! HECK YEAH!
  • The rubberized grip has an amazing feel and grip. Very ergonomically designed
  • Rechargeable Battery! Lithium Polymer battery that comes with a 90 hour battery life!
  • Fully WATERPROOF! up to 6 meters!!
  • The bright red makes the MI-6 stand out in the field and in the eyes of its competition!

XP MI6 Pin pointer Video Review

One of the greatest features of XP’s MI-6 which makes it even more revolutionary and unique. Is the ability to connect via-radio link to Deus Remote Control and Headphones!

This creates another list of sub-features which include:

  • Anti-Interference System– When you turn on your MI-6 the Deus with go into a standby mode. As soon as you turn your MI-6 off, the Deus Menu with fire right back up and away you go
  • The Deus Display will change to the MI-6 Display when the MI-6 is turned on
  • If you lose your MI-6 you can activate Research Mode from the Deus V4 Menu. This feature will help you locate your lost pinpointer. Even if the pinpointer is off!
  • According to XP’s website the MI-6 can be recoverable for several weeks after you lose it. This is just pure awesomeness!

The Deus Menu is equipped with a ton of MI-6 adjustments.

  • On Screen Battery Indication Meter
  • Target Zoom Graph for more precise pinpointing capabilities
  • Audio tone adjustments
  • Sound modes pitch/zoom (I love the pitch mode! 50 levels of Sensitivity!)
  • Research Mode

Garrett Pro Pointer AT

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT
Garrett Pro-Pointer AT

This Pinpointer is absolutely awesome!! The Garrett Pro-Pointer AT will make your life so much easier when out looking for silver and gold!

This unit ranks #1 on our listdue to its shear awesomeness! Its waterproof! Hence the name “AT” (all-terrain). This sucker works up to 10 feet below water! How cool is that!

The “Garrett-Carrot” as some enthusiast call it due to her bright orange color has 3 sensitivity settings. Low, Medium and High. Sometimes you don’t need all that awesome power when locating smaller targets!

The retune feature further focuses the signal for those tiny targets! The Garret Pro Pointer AT just simply can’t be beat.

You will definitely be a happy hunter with this purchase. You get a lot of bang for your buck!

Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Video Review

Makro PinPointer

Makro pinpointer


  • Here is another great Pinpointer! The Makro is 100% waterproof! Fully Submersible!
  • You can change the audio modes to vibrate only, audio only or vibrate/audio! This feature is great when you don’t want to attract a lot of attention to yourself in a public area
  • The Makro includes two replaceable hard shelled covers to protect your unit. One of the covers is just a basic cover, while the other has a scraping tool designed into it
  • Includes a finds bag, belt holster, you even get a carrying cases complete with a shoulder strap. Not too shabby!
  • On top of all that they even provide a 2 year warranty
  • The Makro Pointer is fairly new to the scene but it is not stopping them from ranking into our top 5 list! I suspect more quality products in the future!

Minelab Pro-Find 25 PinPointer

Minelab Pro-Find Pinpointer
Minelab Pro-Find Pinpointer
  • We picked the Minelab Pro-Find 25 because this pinpointer revolutionized pinpointers
  • While this unit may not be waterproof. The Pro-Find 25 was the very first to have adjustable sensitivity
  • Also came up with the audio adjusting feature. Where you can have, audio/vibrate, just vibrate, or just audio
  • These features quickly became available on other makers after the release of Minelab Pro-Find 25
  • This pointer comes at higher price than the rest however Minelab is noted for making top notch equipment. They are a highly respected brand in the metal detecting community
  • 30 hours battery life
  • 2 year warranty included!

Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer

Whites Bullseye TRX Pinpointer
  • This is a pretty badass pinpointer
  • This baby sniffs out deep targets. You won’t find another pinpointer that reaches the depths like this one
  • Now, it may have great depth capabilities, it does lack in some other areas
  • Maximum sensitivity has shown to be a bit unstable
  • The LED light is very dismal
  • The side scan feature has shown to have some problems
  • This detector has its quirks and may not be the best for a beginner
  • Hopefully the Bullseye TRX continues to be developed. With some of the issues remedied it could become a seriously powerful contender
  • We cannot deny is superior depth abilities! It could be very useful to have in your arsenal when sniffing out those deep, old, targets!
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