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XP Deus metal detector review

Update: XP Deus 2 initial review here

A technological jump to wireless metal detecting!

The XP DEUS uses three high-performance wireless elements:

  • Wireless search coil
  • Wireless remote control with LCD
  • Wireless audio headphones

These three elements communicate with each other via a digital radio link. By incorporating components developed for leading-edge technologies, XP DEUS achieves power, speed, and precision, all in a lightweight and compact design.

The search coil contains the essential hardware for processing the signals, which no longer need to be conveyed via a wire link.

The signal is digitalized and analyzed directly at the source by a miniature digital circuit. This greatly improves the quality of signal acquisition.

This circuit, which is integrated into the detection head, processes the information and sends it to both the headphones and the remote control unit, in real-time.

xp deus metal detector


XP DEUS is the ideal detector for coin shooting, nugget hunting, wet & dry saltwater beaches, and relic hunting. In the absence of the remote control unit, the main detection settings can be controlled by the headphones alone.

Choose between 10 pre-configured “Factory Programs”:

  • Basic-1
  • GM-Power
  • DEUS Fast
  • Pitch
  • G-Maxx
  • Relic
  • Wet Beach
  • Dry Beach
  • Basic-2
  • Gold Field

Adjust the settings to suit your location. Sensitivity, Discrimination, Ground balance, Frequency, Multi-tones etc. Then save the adjusted settings as your own “User Program” in one of the 8 slots provided.

XP DEUS has a 2-way “S-Telescopic” stem (length 670mm collapsed) which is demountable into 2 parts, giving a storage length of 630mm. XP DEUS packs away neatly to fit your backpack or suitcase.

Deeper, faster!

4 frequencies (4, 8, 12, 18kHz) & shift plus/minus.

Fully adjustable Power and Recovery, Audio Response, Iron Level, Multi-tone, Multi-Notch, Discrimination, etc. Advanced functions are accessible through the “Expert Mode” coupled to each setting.

4 Ground Balance options:

  1. Tracking
  2. Pumping
  3. Manual
  4. Beach

4 non-motion modes with audio and meter discrimination. Extended discrimination range, with even greater precision for iron. 10 pre-configured Factory Programs & space for 8 User Programs.

Lighter & more compact!

XP Deus is very compact
XP Deus is a very compact

XP DEUS, the ergonomic answer to some burdening questions. Stem, coil & remote control unit weigh only 975 grams.


  • The 100-gram pocket-sized remote control unit mounts to the stem. It can also be used in the hip-mountable case or with the armband provided
  • Backlit LCD screen with intuitive functionality
  • 22.5cm Carbon-fiber infused “DD” coil, both light & waterproof
  • Wireless headphones, with detecting controls, LCD screen & weatherproof housing
  • USB standard protocol to recharge batteries & download software updates
  • Lithium-polymer (LiPo) batteries and charger included
  • Fast and intelligent charger, charges the 3 batteries simultaneously
  • Battery charge lifespan for the coil is approx. 16 hours
  • Battery charge lifespan for the headphones & RC is approx. 27hrs
  • Battery cycle lifespan after approx. 400 charges, the coil battery retains 80% capacity
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